This wilco down a storm

Nationality: US

Genre: Alternative country, experimental rock


Wilco are back in Spain after appearing at Teatro Circo in Madrid and the Palau Sant Jordi in Barcelona last November, this time as one of the most eagerly anticipated acts at Primavera Sound, where they’ve become something of a regular, and always popular, feature. In 2010, El Pais was drooling over who their reviewer reckoned “look more and more like the best band in the world.” That might be going just a little bit too far, but they like Wilco here in Spain, they do.

There had been some concern that Wilco’s last two albums hadn’t quite been up to the standard of earlier projects like Yankee Hotel Foxtrot and A Ghost Is Born, but if that was the case, then they bounced right back with the Grammy nominated The Whole Love, named 8th best album of 2011 by Rolling Stone.

Wilco started out as one of those alternative country bands, but started drifting towards more standard alternative rock, with an experimental, folky and sometimes even poppy sound. They’re not a band to write one song and then spend the next twenty years making different variations. Every Wilco track is a story in itself, each one has its own mood, so if you don’t like one, fear not, you’ll probably like the next. ‘The American Radiohead’ they have been called in that respect, but what Wilco really do is take us back to the late sixties and early seventies and the worlds of Neil Young, Brian Wilson, John Lennon and in particular one record that they have always singled out as the most inspirational – John Cale’s Paris 1919.

If you have never had the pleasure of listening to any Wilco stuff, then you really should. There’s a very good chance you’ll like it.

Did you know: Wilco’s versatility is such that they have been nominated for the Best Album at different Grammy award in four different genre categories.


Thursday May 31, 2012 Barcelona Primavera Sound


1.  Reservations

2.  Art Of Almost

3.  I Might

4.  Misunderstood

5.  Rising Red Lung

6.  Impossible Germany

7.  Born Alone

8.  Laminated C

9.  You and I

10.  Whole Love

11.  Pot Kettle Black

12.  Jesus, Etc.

13.  Capitol City

14.  Handshake Drugs

15.  I Must Be High

16.  I’m Always In Love

17.  Dawned On Me

18.  A Shot in the Arm

Encore:  19.  Candyfloss

20.  California Stars

21.  Walken

22.  Heavy Metal Drummer

23.  I’m the Man Who Loves You

24.  The Late Greats

25.  I’m A Wheel


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