Try a little tinder-ness

Nationality: UK

Genre: Indie chamber rock


This moody crew from Nottingham have been around since 1991, with their jazzy soul sound, often backed by an orchestra and very rarely being what you would describe as up-tempo. This is a band to chill out to as they fiddle around with everything from glockenspiels to bassoons. With every song working on so many different levels, just close your eyes and let yourself drift away with their hauntingly mellow sound.

After releasing six albums, all of which managed to chart in the UK, it looked like curtains for Tindersticks when frontman Stuart Staples started concentrating on a solo career. But although now a threepiece rather than a sixpiece, they’ve continued to meet up for tours and have produced a further three records – most recently The Something Rain in February of this year.

The new stuff is every bit as good as anything they have done before, Drowned in Sound writing enthusiastically that “to be able to create something this beautiful at such an advanced stage in a bands lifespan is a true testament to the skill and sorcery found in every limb, larynx and lovelorn heart of this band.”

In Barcelona, this will be the first ever experience for most punters of a gig at the Casino de l’Aliança del Poble Nou, a venue that looks likely to be hosting several more events like this over the next few years. Tindersticks are also playing in Gijón, San Sebastian and for two nights at the wonderful Teatro Lara in Madrid – the intention being for this whole tour to be at smaller venues, and particularly theatres, which the band reckon are the proper places for their ditties to be appreciated properly.

Did you know: Tindersticks were originally called The Asphalt Ribbons, but changed their name after Staples found some German matches on a beach in Greece. A good enough reason for changing your band’s name if ever there was one.


Tuesday March 20, 2012 Barcelona Casino de l’Aliança del Poble Nou

Wednesday March 21 and Thursday March 22, 2012 Madrid Teatro Lara

Friday March 23, 2012 San Sebastián Teatro Victoria Eugenia

Saturday March 24, 2012 Gijón  Laboral

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