The Wedding Present

A free gift for Barcelona

Nationality: UK

Genre: Indie rock


The Indie rockers from Leeds are, for most intents and purposes, David Gredge, the band’s only constant member. In fact, from 1997 onwards, the WP effectively ceased to exist, when Gedge formed Cinerama, which was basically himself and his then girlfriend Sally Murrell along with an ever changing variety of other musicians.

Although Cinerama initially refused to play any Wedding Present material at gigs, and dabbled instead with a very different sound that flirted with string and woodwind accompaniments, their attitude to the earlier material started floundering, and the old indie rock roots started creeping back in. It was basically what the people wanted … to the extent that in 2004 the band was rebranded as The Wedding Present.

Apart from Gedge, drummer Graeme Ramsay has only been with him since 2006 and bassist Pepe le Moko for even less.

Having already toured not long ago to celebrate the 21st anniversary of their second studio album, Bizaro, they are now doing the same for their third, Seamonsters, an album that Melody Maker likened to “sandpapering your ears” and that was notable for every song having a one-word title, in response to the piss takes in the press about Wedding Present’s propensity for sentence-long song names. Although most people would agree that George Best and Bizaro were far better collections, Seamonsters was the highest charting album in the UK of all (peaking at number 23). As well as Seamonsters, they are also slipping in a few other songs, although whether there’ll be time for that in the free gig at Arc de Triomf as a curtain-raiser for Primavera Sound is not clear.

Did you know: Seamonsters was recorded in just ten days in 1991 at Cannon Falls, Minnesota


Wednesday May 30, 2012 Barcelona Arc del Triomf (FREE CONCERT)


1. Dalliance

2. Dare

3. Suck

4. Blonde

5. Rotterdam

6. Lovenest

7. Corduroy

8. Carolyn

9. Heather

10. Octopussy


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