The Stone Roses

Second coming


Nationality: UK

Genre: Indie rock


Manchester was the capital of the music world in the 1990s, and The Stone Roses was the capital of the Manchester sound. Among alternative studenty types, not liking the The Stone Roses was motive enough for ostracism. With their acid housey type rhythms and IanBrown’s sleepy vocals on top, songs like Fools Gold, She Bangs the Drums, Elephant Stone and One Love defined a generation. Personally I always found them a bit dull and un-inspirational, but I was clearly in the minority.

They only ever released two studio albums. After their self-titled debut in 1989, it took five years for Second Coming to come out. Songs like Love Spreads and Ten Storey Love Song showed they still had it. My peers loved it just as much as the previous album, but I still failed to understand why some nice guitar playing and Ian Brown’s droning vocals were anything better than average. I don’t think I ever heard a bad Stone Roses song, but neither was any of it much more than mediocre. Don’t understand what all the fuss was about.

Following that, internal disputes led to a series of changes to the Stone Roses line-up, and they were soon gone. Ian had six very successful solo albums. Guitarist Squire formed The Seahorses. Drummer Mani joined Primal Scream and bassist Reni did very little of much note.

Never having been the chattiest of people when it came to the media, there was much speculation about a reunion a year or two ago. So many other britpop bands that self destructed when their egos got too big for their commercial sense around the turn of the century have been doing it, so why not the Stone Roses too? Like most of their contemporaries, they don’t have to write any new material, they just need to bang out fifteen or so of their old classics, and they can refresh their bank accounts with a new fortune that they can perhaps invest a bit more wisely this time round.

Following a number of cryptic messages, it was announced last October that the original foursome had indeed settled their differences and would be playing two homecoming gigs in Manchester in June 2012. All 150,000 tickets were sold in 14 minutes, and when a third date was announced, that sold out in 68 minutes.

But that’s not actually going to be their first show of their comeback tour. At the moment, the Hultsfred Festival in Sweden has that honour, while Spain will be welcoming Manchester’s finest as the biggest attraction at Benicàssim in July. Can they still pull it off, or will it be a let-down on the same scale as The Happy Mondays almost embarassing attempt to show that the magic hadn’t gone away? All will be revealed this summer.

STOP PRESS, STOP PRESS, STOPPITY STOPPITY PRESS!!!! Well, stuff you Sweden! It was announced in late March that The Stone Roses will actually be playing even earlier – in June they’re playing for not one but two nights at the Razzmatazz! Bugger me sideways with a broomstick, at the moment those are the very first two concerts of the reunion tour. Right here in Barcelona!

Did you know: Manchester United’s entrance music is This is the One from the Stone Roses’ first album.


Friday June 8, 2012 Barcelona Razzmatazz GET TICKETS HERE

Saturday June 9, 2012 Barcelona Razzmatazz

Saturday July 14 or Sunday July 15, 2012 Benicássim International Festival GET TICKETS HERE


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