The Roots

Masters of the genre

Nationality: US

Genre: Hip hop, soul


Originally called The Square Roots, these guys have been around since 1987 and are regarded as one of the best live acts in hip hop/soul/rap, with a performance style that often borders on being a jazz jam and that incorporates elements of alternative funk rock. They have always been met with critical acclaim, and have placed six albums in the Billboard Top 10, and have become household names stateside since becoming the house band in 2009 on Late Night with Jimmy Fallon.

They already won a Grammy in 1999, winning Best Rap Performance by a Duo or Group with You Got Me (featuring Erykah Badu and Eve), but 2011 was the year when they really triumphed at those awards, winning Best Group or Duo R&B Vocal Performance for Shine, Best Traditional R&B Vocal Performance for Hang on in There (with John Legend) and Best R&B Album for Wake Up! They’re already legends at the Grammys for their jam sessions held the night before, where they have been joined by the likes of Snoop Dogg and Corrine Bailey Rae to Queen Latifah.

Their twelfth studio album was released in December last year and includes collaborations with such artists as Big K.R.I.T., Phonte, Dice Raw, Bilal, and Sufjan Stevens, a concept album that tells the story, in Memento style reverse order, of the short and tragic life of a character called Redford Stevens – and was met with mixed but generally positive reviews.

We’re talking one of the best bands in R&B, who are even better live, and playing in Spain for the very first time – a good enough reason in itself to go to Sonar.

Did you know: Last November, on the Late Night with Jimmy Fallon, they controversially welcomed presidential candidate Michele Bachmann onstage with a snippet from Fishbone’s Lying Ass Bitch.


Saturday June 16, 2012 Barcelona Sonar Festival GET TICKETS HERE


1.  Thought at Work

2.  How I Got Over

3.  Here I Come

4.  The Fire

5.  Proceed

6.  Mellow My Man

7.  You Got Me

8.  The Next Movement

9.  The Seed (2.0)

10.  The Bottle

11.  Move On Up

12.  Men at Work


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