The Rapture

Rapture round your finger

Nationality: US

Genre: Indie rock


Theoretically, The Rapture are one of the pioneers of the post-punk revival, having originally struck gold not in their native US but in the UK, where their second album Echoes was good enough for NME to name it the second best of the year, and where House of Jealous Lovers and Love Is All were both Top 40 singles.

But despite such critical acclaim, they refused to be pigeon holed into the post-punk movement and have since been exploring a mad variety of genres from mainstream rock to acid house and disco. They hit it with some and miss it with others, but you have to give these New Yorkers credit for having a go at different styles.

Following the suicide of his mother and musical differences with the rest of the band, frontman Luke Jenner left The Rapture for a while only to eventually return and the result was In the Grace of Your Love, album number three.

They were in Madrid and Barcelona late last year to promote it, and there was general disappointment that the gigs concentrated too much on the new stuff. Perhaps fans have had time to get more used to it now, and will show more appreciation on their return to Spain to play at Primavera Sound. Fans also felt a little let down by the somewhat lethargic performances they gave last time they were here – but it might also have something to do with The Rapture’s stage presence simply having become a little more mature. They’re not really a punk band any more.

Did you know: One of the band’s best known tracks, Whoo! Alright, Yeah…Uh Huh, is also the official anthem for the New York Red Bulls in Major League Soccer.


Friday June 2, 2012 Barcelona Primavera Sound


1.  In The Grace Of Your Love

2.  Never Die Again

3.  Pieces Of The People We Love

4.  Get Myself Into It

5.  The Devil

6.  Killing

7.  Whoo! Alright, Yeah… Uh Huh

8.  House of Jealous Lovers

9.  Olio

10.  Come Back To Me

11.  Sail Away

12.  Echoes

Encore:  13.  Children

14.  Miss You

15.  How Deep Is Your Love

16.  No Sex For Ben


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