The Cult

Greetings from Astbury Park

Nationality: UK

Genre: Alternative rock


With such songs as She Sells Sanctuary, Rain, Wild Flower and L’il Devil, Ian Astbury and The Cult were one of the most recognisable bands of the late 1980s post-punk scene. They later metamorphosed into more of a hard rock outfit, and found new success on the other side of the water with such tracks as the classic Love Removal Machine and equally superlative Fire Woman. It was there that they were supported on tour in 1987 by an up and coming rock band calling themselves Guns N’Roses, who they were due to appear alongside at San Moix in Mallorca this summer, only this time it ebing Axl Rose that most punters will be paying to see. Unfortunately, that appearance has been cancelled for ‘non serious personla reasons’, although the gigs in Barcelona and Madrid should be unaffected. Fans who had already bought tickets for the Mallorca gig do have the option of getting their money back, and also buying tickets for the Barcelona show at a 50% discount.

The Cult were a massive band in the eighties, but now tend to not quite have the same impact as they did in their heyday. Following two poor-selling albums, they ceased to exist between 1995 and 1999, and the comeback album, Beyond Good and Evil didn’t make much of a splash either, though here in Spain it did surprisingly well to peak at number 25.

There was another hiatus between 2002 and 2004, and they’ve been around ever since, and tour frequently. Although there’s new material coming out, and a new album titled Choice of Weapon is due out in May 2012, much of their show concentrates on their back catalogue. In fact, about a couple of years ago, they based a whole tour around their classic Love album of 1985. And although bassist Chris Wyse and drummer John Tempesta have only been around since 2006, it’s really only Astbury and lead guitarist Billy Duffy that the fans are really paying to see. After all, the rest of the line-up was never exactly what you’d call stable, and their new record is actually the first time they have ever managed to produce two consecutive albums without any change of personnel.

Did you know: In the eighties, whenever a Cult song came on , it was obligatory custom to start twisting about on one leg while fending off imaginary flies. This was called ‘flailing’. But only by me and my close circle of friends. Not by anybody else. I don’t think.


Tuesday July 17, 2012 Barcelona Razzmatazz

Wednesday July 18, 2012 Madrid Riviera


1.  Rain

2.  Every Man and Woman Is a Star

3.  Electric Ocean

4.  Sweet Soul Sister

5.  Horse Nation

6.  The Phoenix

7.  Lil’ Devil

8.  Embers

9.  Rise

10.  She Sells Sanctuary

11.  Love Removal Machine

Encore:  12.  Break On Through (to the Other Side)


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