Teatro Kapital

Capacity: 1,200

Address: Atocha, 125

Metro: Atocha (L1)

Teatro Kapital is Madrid’s biggest and most famous night spots. With seven different halls playing different kinds of music (although don’t be surprised in none of those seven are anything like your own particular taste), stunning décor and terrific sound and lights, it is the epitome of the very best or the very worst, depending on your point of view, of Spanish nightlife.

Madrid if the ‘pijo’ capital of the world, and Kapital is the ‘pijo’ capital of Madrid. We’re talking the beautiful people, where everybody dresses the same, and everybody exchanges exactly the same banal conversations about how wonderful they are. If you read Hola, then you might recognise a few of the ‘famosillos’ hanging around in here. These are the beautiful people, jangling their car keys whose primary concern is always trying to find the next mirror and make sure their hair is still properly greased into place.

Getting into the Kapital for the first time is the sad dream of too many Madrileños, and many will never make it, for unless they look and dress just like every other member of the Kapital’s flock of sheep, then they’ll never even get through the door. Don’t feel humiliated if you aren’t let in. Just realise that the reason people come here is so that they don’t have to spend their night surrounded by people like you.

But the venue is amazing. Any first time visitor lucky enough to pass the fashion test at the door and convince the not-too welcoming doormen that they have left every possible signal of originality at home, will spend the first hour of so their visit exploring the different nooks and crannies and exuberant splendour of the different levels.

always had the potential for being a top concert hall too, and its central location is unbeatable. However, there was widespread disbelief among the more alternative crowd when it was revealed in 2011 that Kapital was going to start opening its doors for concerts. Were they really going to have to go to the one place they would never be seen dead? And would the concerts end in time for them not to have to have to rub shoulders with the despicable folk arriving late for their evening dose of brain-dead shallowness? The presence of the Kapital on the concert circuit is going to be very interesting to observe. Presumably they’re going to be a bit more relaxed about their dress code…


It’s right in the centre, do although the nearest metro stop is Atocha, the main central station, the chances are you will probably be able to get there by walking. That all depends on where you’re starting from of course, but it’s right next to the Parque del Retiro and nor far from the Prado Museum. From the station, you just want to walk down Calle de Atocha, and there’s the Kapital on the other side of the road. Simple as.


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