Teatro Circo Price

Capacity: 2,000

Address: Ronda Atocha, 35

Metro: Embajadores (L3)

The Teatro Circo Price was opened by an English circus entrepreneur Thomas Price in 1868, originally in Paseo de Recoletos and later in Plaza del Rey, and lived through many years of splendour right through to the 1960s, when trapeze artist Pinito del Oro became a huge star. But the greatest show on earth went into general decline worldwide shortly after, and the circus soon closed, with the building ultimately being demolished in 1970.

In 2007, the council decided to reopen the circus in the city, now its current home in the Ronda de Atocha. The critical acclaim for the shows they out on is immense, although any circus that still uses animals, as is the case with this one, is not one that this website is willing to support. Stay away.

But the venue has also been latched onto as a concert venue. Based on Italian theatre structures, it has a surface area of 17,300 m2 and with its massive movable stage area and second to none sound system, it has rarely disappointed. In fact, it’s rapidly coming to eb recognised as Madrid’s finest venue for medium scale concerts, being ‘consecrated’ in this respect by Bon Jovi appearing there in 2010, and it looks likely to be used more and more in the future.


Couldn’t be easier. Get to Embajadores metro station and head straight down Ronda Valencia, which after a few minutes will change its name to Ronda Atocha, and you’ll see the Teatro Circo on the left. As you have probably guessed by the name, it’s also reasonably simple to reach from the Central Atocha train station.


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