Status Quo

Still rockin’ all over the world

Nationality: UK

Genre: Proper no-bullshit rock


Oh come, what is there not to like about Status Quo? OK, all of their songs are more or less the same 12-bar blues with the same three chords. Paper Plane, Caroline, Down Down, Rockin’ All Over the World (actually a Creedence song), Whatever You Want, Down Down, What You’re Proposing, The Wanderer (actually a Dion song), Something ‘Bout You Baby I Like (that was actually Tom Jones, you know)… yeah, it is a bit hard tell which song it is until they start singing, but there’s still something infectiously brilliant about them. And while bands come and go, it’s great to see Rick Parfitt and Francis Rossi still oozing the sensation that they’re loving every bloody minute onstage, despite the fact that they’ve been playing the  same old stuff over and over longer than most of us have even been alive.

6,000 live shows to a total audience of over 25 million people, travelling four million miles and spending over 23 years on the road, these guys are no newcomers to this business.

And there are a few moments that do break the glorious monotony: Margarita Blues, that one’s a little bit different, Living on an Island is almost a ballad, and In the Army Now is a slight change of tempo, and for me, The Quo’s little work of art – STAND UP AND FIGHT!

Few know it now, but Status Quo actually started out as a psychedelic sixties band, from which era Pictures of Matchstick Men became their only song to ever chart in the USA, in 1967. The Americans don’t know what they were missing – in the UK, Quo have had more Top 40 fits than any other rock band. Even now they’re regularly placing albums and singles in the charts, the latest, their twenty ninth studio album, came out last year and is called Quid Pro Quo. They may be the antitheses of everything that experimentalism and alternativeness is all about in music, but try going into a village pub and telling that to a bunch of farmers and you’ll be lucky to get out alive. They don’t want poncey arty-farty poof music. They want man’s music. And man’s music is Status Quo music. It’s proper.

And I like that. Listening to a selection of Status Quo songs as I write this, I can’t help but enjoy every bit of it. Like I say, there’s nothing not to like about Status Quo. Apart from the fact that they did that song with Manchester United.

Did you know: Status Quo’s Whatever You Want is always played just before the team comes onto the pitch at all RCD Espanyol games.


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1.  Caroline

2.  Something ’bout You Baby I Like

3.  The Wanderer

4.  Rock ‘n’ Roll ‘n’ You

5.  Rain

6.  Mean Girl

7.  Beginning Of The End

8.  Proposin’ Medley

9.  Big Fat Mama

10.  Two Way Traffic

11.  The Oriental

12.  Let’s Rock

13.  Paper Plane

14.  Living On An Island

15.  In The Army Now

16.  The Killer

17.  Roll Over Lay Down

18.  Down Down

19.  Whatever You Want

20.  Rockin’ All Over The World

21.  Burning Bridges


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