Snow Patrol

They’ll sing it one last time for you


Nationality: UK

Genre: Britpop


Ah, Snow Patrol. Nice songs. Poor buggers weren’t really getting anywhere until 2004, and then bang! Run gave them a massive hit, and Chocolate, Spitting Games and How to Be Dead all followed in its wake. Final Straw was the 26th best selling album in the UK that year. Things were very much looking up.

Was it all flash in the pan? Anything but. You’re All That I Have, as perfect a piece of guitar pop as a piece of guitar pop could be, and then the Grammy nominated Chasing Cars, as perfect a poppy power ballad as a poppy power ballad could be, and Snow Patrol’s Eyes Open album was a number one from the UK to New Zealand. Well, that’s giving the wrong impression, because there were a lot of countries in between where it didn’t go to number one, but five million is one hell of a lot of units shifted.

It’s the sort of stuff they love on the radio. Instantly accessible, not too demanding, middle-of-the-road singalong rock, coupled with lots and lots of ballads that build up in a perfect crescendo as Gary Lightbody sings away about, well it doesn’t really matter, but it’s inoffensive enough. The ideal thing to support U2, as Snow Patrol have done. It’s good enough to keep the waiting crowd entertained, but not quite good enough to upstage the main act. You see, Snow Patrol very rarely try to move out of the safe zone that they know works. Most Snow Patrol songs would sit comfortably in mid-table at Eurovision.

There was an eighties band that sounded exactly like Snow Patrol, but I can’t quite place them. I think they might have been Australian. In about twenty years time, there will be another band and they’ll be saying that there was band in the 2000s that sounded just like them, but they won’t be able to place them, but they’ll think they were Scottish. Or were they Irish? I’m not too sure about that one either, I think they are a bit of both. But they support Dundee FC. Poor sods.

Their latest album, Fallen Empires, was released last year and if you ask me. The lead single is Called Out in the Dark, and it’s catchy chorus about “We are listening, and we’re not blind. This is your life, this is your time” … Now that’s the kind of stuff that wins Eurovision…

Did you know: Eyes Open was the UK’s biggest selling album of 2006. It sold more than Arctic Monkeys’ Whatever People Say I Am, That’s What I’m Not and even Take That’s comeback album Beautiful World.


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1.  Berlin

2.  I’ll Never Let Go

3.  Take Back The City

4.  Hands Open

5.  This Isn’t Everything You Are

6.  Run

7.  Crack the Shutters

8.  In the End

9.  Set the Fire to the Third Bar

10.  The Garden Rules

11.  Make This Go On Forever

12.  Shut Your Eyes

13.  Chasing Cars

14.  Chocolate

15.  Called Out in the Dark

16.  Fallen Empires

17.  You’re All I Have

Encore:  18.  Lifening

19.  Open Your Eyes

20.  Just Say Yes


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