Loud and Canadian

Nationality: Canada

Genre: Post-hardcore


OK, before we start, a word of warning. The date of the Barcelona gig has been moved from Thursday to Friday coz they’re now playing in Madrid that night – if you already have tickets, they are still valid.

And so who are Silverstein? Well, they’re from Ontario, Canada and they’re not particularly famous on this side of the pond – but over there they have managed to put four albums in the Top 40 of the Billboard Charts.

Essentially they’re a pop-punk dude-rock band like so many more in North America, but mid-song they’ll suddenly leap into the realms of something bordering on death metal. However, the gimmick of constant changes between both genres does start wearing off after a while. You do sort of start thinking that they’ve only really got two songs, one of which is the one almost every other bloody band in America seems to be singing these days, and the other is little more than tuneless yelling. Still, it’s the sort of thing a lot of people actually find pleasant to listen to, and if you are one of them, then you’ll probably find this gig is right up your street. But if you ask me, I’d rather listen to a pheumatic drill.

Their latest album, Short Songs, is hot off the presses and features more of the same, plus eleven covers of tracks by bands that most influenced them, which include Green Day, Dead Kennedys and Gorilla Biscuits.

This tour is taking them to a number of new territories, inclusing Russia and Slovakis, but they have also said they’re delighted to be back in Spain after so long. “We’re planning a lot of surprises” they promise. “And we hope to play a lot of songs and some old rarities, and some classic of course!”

Did you know: Mark formed another band in 2010 called MaYaN in which he only sings. Their debut album Quarterpast was released in spring 2011.


Thursday April 26, 2012 Madrid Caracol

Friday April 27, 2012 Barcelona Sala Razzmatazz


1.  Sacrifice

2.  The Artist

3.  La Marseillaise

4.  Smashed Into Pieces

5.  Intervention

6.  SOS

7.  A Great Fire / Broken Stars

8.  Vices

9.  It’s My Job To Keep Punk Rock Elite

10.  Good Intentions

11.  Destination: Blood!

12.  Your Sword Versus My Dagger

13.  Smile In Your Sleep

14.  Bleeds No More

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