Saint Etienne

And they’re playing for free? You can’t go wrong with this

Nationality: UK

Genre: Alternative pop/dance


Although they don’t sell anything like they did in their heyday when He’s on the Phone, You’re in a Bad Way, 7 Ways to Love and Only Love Can Break Your Heart were among the biggest sounds on the dancefloor, the band from Croydon named after a French football team are still around, led by the delicious voice of Sarah Cracknell, which sadly doesn’t always sound quite as perfect live as it does in the recordings.

They were just the tonic in the nineties. Dance music started going all hip-hoppy, electronic, R&B – those who preferred to dance to a good old traditional sing-a-along tune rather freak out to bass riffs that sounded like a jumbo taking off found in Saint Etienne exactly what they craved. They were, and still are, sort of sixties swing with a modern twist in a kind of Kylie Minoque-esque way (with whom they have collaborated in the past). Harmless brilliance – a band that probably deserved more commercial success than they actually got.

The group that more recently recorded the theme tune for kid’s show Marykou Yummy have just released a new studio album, titled Words and Music by Saint Etienne, the teaser single I’ve Got Your Music having come out in February.

The band appeared at Primavera Sound in 2009, and this year can be seen for free in the opening concert at Arc de Triomf.

Did you know: Saint Etienne’s A Good Thing appeared in Pedro Almodóvar’s 2006 movie Volver and also in an episode of Grey’s Anatomy.


Wednesday May 30, 2012 Barcelona Arc del Triomf (FREE CONCERT)


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