Rock Coast Festival

What do you know it? Another festival. Inspired by the success of such events as Rock in Rio in Madrid and BBK Live in Bilbao, the folk of Santa Cruz de Tenerife have decided it’s high time that the Canary Islands had a rock, pop and electronica festival of its own. As usual the motive is money – they reckon they can get 35,000 to attend and bring about 20 million euros onto the island.

The idea hardly sparked much enthusiasm among the festival circle, but when the first bands were announced in February this year, well bugger us all sideways, if these guys aren’t taking the matter seriously. Marilyn Manson, The Smashing Pumpkins, Iggy and the Stooges, Fat Boy Slim and Orbital? Not a bad opening hand for an event that’s competing for names with more established and bigger budget festivals on the mainland.

But how much money to these people think we have? Two weeks after SOS 4.9, a week before Primavera, and with people making plans for Benicássim… What now? A flight to somewhere off the coast of Western Sahara? Surely it’s just one temptation too many?


Thursday May 24, 2012

Marilyn Manson, The Smashing Pumpkins, EvanescenceIggy and the Stooges, Marea, This Drama

Friday May 25, 2012

Fatboy Slim, Orbital, Ministry of Sound, The Rolling Hackers

Saturday May 26

Sepultura, Ben Harper, Muchacito Bombo Inferno, Los Monos


Capacity: 35,000

Address: Dársena Pesquera de Santa Cruz de Tenerife

If you happen to live on the island of Tenerife, then you’re in luck. If you happen to live in the Canary Islands, then you’re not doing to bad either. And you’ll have a much better idea how to get to Santa Cruz than I bloody do.

If you live in Europe, first you have to get to Spain – so if you’re already in Spain then you’ve already got a head start. Go to Gibraltar, cross the Strait, drive down through Morocco and more or less when the disputed territory of Western Sahara starts, start swimming until you get to those islands over there that belong to Spain. Otherwise, take the easier option of getting a plane to Tenerife.

The event is not being held in Tenerife itself, but in the Dársena Pesquera (Fishing Harbour) about 5km up the coast to the north. The picture above is a computer graphic image of what it’s all going to look like. The best way to get there from the town centre is on one of the fleet of courtesy coaches being supplied, they’re free and leave from the ‘Intercambiador’ (bus station) that we’ve conveniently marked on the map. In fact, other than walking, it’s your only option, because private vehicles will not be allowed into the venue.

There’s one great thing that this event has to offer that you get at too many rock festivals. There’s also a fairground being set up, and all the rides are free!


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