Red Hot Chili Peppers

Life after Frusciante

Nationality: US

Genre: Funk rock



Four major albums were released in 1991. U2 brought out Achtung Baby, Nirvana had Nevermind, Metallica published their Black Album and some Californians called the Red Hot Chili Peppers unleashed Blood Sugar Sex Magik. All mightily influential records, indeed, but you might ask what they all have in common? Nothing, which is precisely the point. By adopting other genres and taking rock in totally new directions, those four albums redefined everything that rock means.

In the Chili’s case it was funk-rock, although that immense album was actually their fourth, the other three having enjoyed very little success. But Give it Away and Under the Bridge in particular launched them to fame.

Always a four-piece, three-quarters of the RHCP has, since that breakthrough, remained interrupted with Flea on bass, Anthony Kiedis on lead vocals and Chad Smith on drums. The guitar role traditionally belongs to John Frusciante, and his departure due to heroin addiction and other problems was largely to blame for the comparative lack of success of album five, One Hot Minute, while his return sparked the Chilis’ biggest selling album of all, where their by-now unmistakable sound was used to produce the enormous title track Californication, plus Otherside and Scar Tissue, and the 2002 follow-up By The Way spawned the likes of the title track and The Zephyr Song. The Red Hot Chili Peppers had grown into one of the biggest bands on the planet and there were no signs of them letting off, with Dani California, Tell Me Baby and so much more yet to come.

But in 2009, Frusciante left again – this time for very different reasons. He’s basically lost interest in the Peppers and decided he’d rather go off and do his own thing. Josh Klinghoffer was brought in as a replacement for the latest album, I’m With You, released last year, and the general opinion is that he’s as good a substitute as fans could have hoped for – and this year he will also become the youngest ever inductee to the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame, beating Stevie Wonder’s record (Frusciante was invited to attend, but politely declined).

So newbie Josh joins the rock legends on the I’m With You World Tour, an immense journey that began in August 2011 and is likely to go on for two whole years. They already played in Barcelona and Madrid last December, and will be returning to the latter for Rock in Rio in July, 2012.

Did you know: You might be wondering why the band spells the first word of their name with two ‘Ls’. Well, that because ‘chili’ is the American spelling, while Brits spell it ‘chilli’. Both varieties, incidentally, are derived from the Spanish word ‘chile’, which in turn was adopted from the Náhuatl language family spoken in Mexico. While we’re on the fascinating subject of etymology, the name of the country Chile has nothing to do with the plant, but comes from the Quechua word for cold that they used to describe a place where they felt the world ends. So, does the English word ‘chilly’ share the same origin? Maybe it does, but that’s quite enough etymology for one day.


Saturday July 7, 2012 Madrid Rock In Rio Festival GET TICKETS HERE


1.  Monarchy of Roses

2.  Can’t Stop

3.  Scar Tissue

4.  Dani California

5.  Look Around

6.  Throw Away Your Television

7.  Hard to Concentrate

8.  The Adventures of Rain Dance Maggie

9.  Right On Time

10.  Blood Sugar Sex Magik

11.  Factory of Faith

12.  Under the Bridge

13.  Higher Ground

14.  Californication

15.  By the Way

Encore:  16.  Chad & Mauro Jam

17.  Around the World

18.  Meet Me at the Corner

19.  Give It Away


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