Capacity: 2,000 (sala 1), 1,000 (sala 2) and 200 (sala 3).

Metro: Marina (L1), Bogatell (L4)

Address: C/ Almogavers, 122 and C/Pamplona 88

Only old timers like myself will remember the legendary Zeleste, which closed its doors in the year 2000. It was a sad day when Barcelona lost its finest medium-size concert venue, but from the ashes a Phoenix arose in the form of the ‘Razz’, which if anything is bigger and better than its predecessor. It’s located in Poble Nou, once a district of cotton mills, factories and warehouses in what was dubbed the ‘Catalan Manchester’ but that is gradually being transformed into a future business hub, where Razzmatazz and several surrounding buildings have been developed into bars and clubs, especially popular with the younger crowd.

It’s absolute clubbing heaven – as far as clubs go, this is about as big as it gets size-wise. The labyrinthine environment offers five different rooms catering for different musical tastes, the alterative Razz Club, the seventies and eighties themed Pop Bar, the more techno orientated Loft, electronica in Lolita, and the Rex, where unless you’re really in the know, the music sounds pretty much the same as in the Lolita.

There are three concert venues, the biggest being Sala 1, which holds 2,000 people and is used for most of the big names, while the smaller Sala 2 and even dinkier Sala 3 are for the lesser acts. It’s not always the greatest place for seeing bands, what with elements of the infrastructure sometimes blocking your sight-lines and the sound not always being of the finest quality, but hey, just think of the 8-year-old kids that worked the cotton looms for 12 hours a day in this district 150 years ago, and think yourself lucky that all you’ve got to worry about is the acoustics at a rock concert.


You can either go to Marina on the red line, or Bogatell on the yellow line, and from either of those it’s a simple matter of walking a couple of blocks. The map on this page should help. If it doesn’t and you get lost, then you’re a hopeless case, aren’t you? Use a bit of initiative and go up to somebody and ask them where the Razzmatazz is. If the directions they give you are completely wrong, it’s either because the bastards thought it would be funny to send you the wrong way or it’s because whenever Barcelonans are asked for directions, they never like to admit that they don’t really know where the hell a place is, and instead try to help you anyway. Forgive them, they know not what they do.

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