Parc del Forum

Capacity: There are eight separate stages, with even more space than ever this year, a total of 73,800m2 (about twelve football pitches). There’s room for over 100,000 people, we’d guess.

Address: Avenida Diagonal / Calle Taulat / Rambla Prim

Metro: El Maresme – Forùm (L4)

The Forum was originally built in 2004 to host the Universal Forum of Cultures, a controversial event that was supposed to be all about world peace, sustainable development, human rights and respect for diversity, with a host of different arts performances, exhibitions, concerts and conventions featuring everybody from Mikhail Gorbachev and Salman Rushdie to Lionel Jospin and Angelina Jolie. Thing is, although it was designed to follow on from the success of the 1992 Olympics, nobody really understood what the Forum was trying to achieve. Its political motives were questionable, it failed to catch the imagination of the general public and many saw through the double-standards and considered it nothing more than a feebly concealed excuse not to encourage third world development, but to encourage the development of yet more concrete jungle on the Barcelona coast that the city didn’t really need.

The Forum proved a huge embarrassment, but its legacy was an area that has proved ideal for hosting large scale events like Primavera Sound, which moved here when the event got too big for the Poble Espanyol from 2005 onwards. Barcelona’s version of the Andalusian Feria de Abril was also moved here, and it is also used for concerts at La Mercè, the city’s main annual festival, and also for the now defunct Summercase, an event that rivalled Primavera Sound for attracting big names in music.

After over 170,000 people attended Primavera Sound last year, work has been done to generate even more space for the revelling hordes this year. There are now eight different stages, and an additional 24,000 m2 of space (that’s the equivalent of an extra four football pitches).


You need to get to El Maresme / Forum on the yellow metro L4. From there, walk a few metres down towards the beach and if you are unable to spot a place with eight different stages and getting on for 100,000 people, then you really have a serious problem.

Getting home again afterwards is going to be a more serious problem. On a Saturday, the metro operates all night, although expect it to be very crowded. Your other option is to get a taxi. You’ll be lucky to find one at the Forum itself. Your best bet is to head back up to Diagonal and start searching there. We don’t advise you to go wondering off the beaten track around here – just to the north of the Diagonal there’s a district called La Mina, and that’s not a district you want to be wandering around lost late at night.


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