Palacio de Vistalegre

Capacity: 12,500

Address: Av de la Plaza de Toros, 14

Metro: Vista Alegre (L5)

The ‘palace of the happy view’ is built on the site of a former Plaza de Toros de Carabanchel, which dated back to 1908 but was closed in 1980 and eventually demolished in 1995 to make way for a modern venue, which finally opened in the year 2000, and was also mainly to be used as the city’s second-choice bullring, coupled with a 10,000 m2 commercial centre.

This website has no time at all for the ritual torture of herbivorous bovines, and so we’ll skip mention of the different types of bloodshed that have been witnessed in the Palacio, to instead comment on it use as a concert venue. For that purpose, it was designed to be used for three different formats of event: ‘The Box’ for up to 2,000 people, ‘The Center’ (spelt the nasty American way) for 4,000 standing and 1,500 seated people, and the full-scale ‘Arena’, for 12,500 people – the format that has been used in the past for the visits of such major international acts as Iron Maiden, Judas Priest, A-ha, Guns N’ Roses, Alice Cooper, Massive Attack and Thirty Seconds to Mars, and Vista Alegre

It has also been used by both Real Madrid and Estudiantes basketball teams in the past, and the latter still uses it regularly for its most important European matches. In 2011 it also became the home of Atlético Madrid’s handball team.


The Vista Alegre metro station is just two minutes walk from the venue, and you can also get there on any of the buses 34, 35, 108, 118 or N17. Car drivers are in luck. There’s an immense 1,300 place car park right underneath the pavilion.


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