New Order

Order out of chaos

Nationality: US

Genre: New wave synthpop


“There’s no future for New Order. It’s hard to draw a line under everything, but I think we have.” That was Stephen Morris saying that, about a year ago. So, what are they doing appearing three times in Spain this summer, then? And what’s this about a new album called Lost Sirens, which will be out by the time they’re here?

It was all a false alarm. They’ve been turbulent times of late for the band. Things had been ugly since bassist Peter Hook’s none-too-amicable departure, which he announced implied the end of New Order. Stephen Morris and Bernard Sumner denied it, and insisted that they had every intention of carrying on with the New Order name. And rightly so. This was very different to 1980, when frontman Ian Curtis committed suicide and they were effectively rebranded as New Order. This was just the bassist that most people haven’t heard of anyway.

After all, there had been no plans to abandon the New Order name in 2001 when Gillian Gilbert left to concentrate on bringing up she and Morris’ daughter. But as it turned out, not much seemed to be happening from 2007 onwards, and things appeared doomed when Bernard Sumner went off and formed his new project Bad Lieutenant along with Phil Cunningham, Gilbert’s replacement.

And then last September it was announced that New Order will indeed be continuing. Without Hook. He’s been replaced on bass by Tom Chapman, who worked with Sumner on some of his solo stuff. And the nice thing is that Gillian Gilbert is back, although Cunningham has been kept. Well, it wouldn’t be right to tell him to sod off now, would it? Yep, they’re at T in the Park, they’re playing at the Olympic Games closing party in Hyde Park, and they’re playing at Benicassim, Ibiza Rocks and Mallorca Rocks. And yes, they’ve got a new album coming out.

Did you know: New Order’s only UK number one was the song they did with the England World Cup Squad in 1990. Jaysus, that woz 22 years ago! Long enough, you’d think, for them to release the never before published versions of Paul Gascoigne and Peter Beardsley’s attempts to do the rap section that was eventually made famous by John Barnes.


Saturday June 16, 2012 Barcelona Sonar Festival GET TICKETS HERE

Thursday July 12  to Sunday July 15 Benicàssim Benicàssim International Festival GET TICKETS HERE

Tuesday September 11, 2012 Magaluf Mallorca Rocks Hotel

Wednesday September 12, 2012 San Antonio Ibiza Rocks Hotel


1.  Crystal

2.  Regret

3.  Love Will Tear Us Apart

4.  Bizarre Love Triangle

5.  True Faith

6.  586

7.  The Perfect Kiss

8.  Blue Monday

9.  Temptation


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