Marilyn Manson

The rocky horror show

Nationality: US

Genre: Alternative ‘horror’ metal


Marilyn Manson. One of the most controversial figures in rock music of the last two decades, although much of that is because of the way the band, or better put the lead singer who shares its name, has actively gone out to seek controversy.

A kind of David Bowie-esque glam rock meets Alice Copper rock-horror, but with a harder edge, MM is as much about the dramatic videos and the spectacular stage show as it is about the music which, despite some very clever and often thought-provoking lyrics, is nothing particularly special – and it’s actually for the band’s curious cover versions of songs like Sweet Dreams, Tainted Love, Suicide is Painless, Personal Jesus and This is Halloween that they are best known in the mainstream.

After releasing an album titled Antichrist Superstar and being named a Reverend by the Church of Satan, it’s not surprising that Marilyn Manson has had a few run-ins with the church in America, but it’s tempting to argue that he had a point when on one tour he included quotes from the Bible “so we can examine the virtues of wonderful Christian stories of disease, murder, adultery, suicide and child sacrifice.” True to say that there is nothing in Marilyn Manson’s songs that quite compares with material like Leviticus 20:9: “For every one that curseth his father or his mother shall surely be put to death.”

Manson’s band has undergone so many line-up changes that he is really the only ongoing member and he is currently on the Hey Cruel World Tour in support of the Born Villain album released last year. Having done Australia, Asia and North America, his appearance at the brand new Rock Coast Festival in Tenerife is the first of the European leg, while as things stand, Costa de Fuego in Benicàssim will be the last show of the whole tour.

Did you know: On the new album, it was said that “it will make a vagina wet. What can you say after that? If the vagina’s wet, all things are good.” That was Manson’s father saying that. So that’s where he gets it from.


Thursday May 24, 2012 Tenerife Rock Coast Festival

Friday July 20 or Saturday July 21, 2012 Benicàssim Costa de Fuego Festival


1.  Antichrist Superstar

2.  Disposable Teens

3.  The Love Song

4.  Little Horn

5.  The Dope Show

6.  Rock Is Dead

7.  Tourniquet

8.  Personal Jesus


10.  Sweet Dreams (Are Made of This)

11.  Irresponsible Hate Anthem

12.  Coma White

13.  The Beautiful People


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