Mallorca Rocks

Following the massive success of Ibiza Rocks, set up in 2005 to offer weekly concerts in a practically purpose-built hotel in San Antonio, a sister festival was created on the neighbouring island of Mallorca. 2010 saw sell-out shows from Dizzee Rascal, Calvin Harris and Pendulum, and a year later, the Mallorca event became and almost exact mirror of the one on Ibiza, with an almost identical venue located in the tourist resort of Magaluf. Bands play Mallorca Rocks on Tuesday, and then appear the day after at Ibiza Rocks.

The 2011 schedule included The Wombats, Friendly Fires, 2ManyDjs, Madness and Fatboy Slim, while this year looks like it’s going to be even better. The shows are on Tuesday, but there are other events going on all week, some of which might be to your taste, other might not.


Capacity: 4,000

Address: C/ Blanca, 8, Magaluf

The Toy Dolls once sung that I Had Enough o’ Magaluf, but let’s hope you find it more to your taste. Located about 25km from Mallorca airport, it’s one of the island’s top tourist destinations, with beaches, bars and clubs included the biggest on the island, BCM, with its legendary foam parties. You can also enjoy the Western Water Park, and the more athletic among you have a must-do challenge, which is swimming out to Isla de sa Porrassa, known to grockels as Black Lizard Island, coz there be black lizards there, you see.

The event itself takes place at the franchise’s own Mallorca Rocks Hotel, which has a permanent stage all summer in the central plaza, and although the concerts themselves are held on Tuesday, the whole week is a build-up and wind-down to the main event, with boat parties and the works. You can of course just book a ticket for the concert, but part of the vibe is to stay at the hotel all week and party, party, party – and very few people seem to come away disappointed. If you’re young and like to party, this hotel is about as perfect as a hotel could get.


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