Low Cost Festival

The Low Cost Festival? What’s this, has Michael O’Leary invented some kind of music festival where you check-in on the internet, sit on plastic seats and where in the middle of each song the band tries to get you to buy a scratch card? Well, not far off. The first event in 2010 was free to get in, which is about as low cost as you can get. That was held in Alicante, with Placebo, who are returning this year, and The Editors headlining.

Last year the event was moved to its current home of Benidorm. It was still free, although the hiked up beer prices were not, and offered Mika, Klaxons, Crystal Castles and OK Go in a line-up that was otherwise dominated by Spanish bands. Spanish bands? Well yes. Funnily enough, although some people may be ignorant to the fact, Benidorm is in Spain, and everybody that lives there and thereabouts is NOT a retired Brit or German.

In 2012, the event is no longer free, although it is still considerably cheaper than most festivals, and has all the usual trimmings – just that the bands aren’t quite as famous. But with Suede, Placebo and Kasabian on the bill already, and maybe more to come, it’s starting to look like a very worthy festival option indeed. We wish them luck, this could be the way ahead in these times of crisis.


Friday July 27 to Sunday July 29, 2012

Suede, Kasabian, Placebo, The Sounds‎, Is Tropical, Vetusta Morla, The Whip

Le Corps Mince de Françoise, Jero Romero, Anni B Sweet, McEnroe, Make the Girl Dance, Bigott, El Columpio Asesino, Fuel Fandango, Ivan Ferrero, La Casa Azul, La Habitación Roja, Second, Supersubmarina, The New Raemon, The Right Ons, The Zombie Kids, Triángulo de Amor Bizarro, Varri Brava, We Are Standard,


Capacity: 20,000

Address: Ciudad Deportiva Guillermo Amor

The venue is Benidorm. Often considered the tackiest of the tacky when it comes to tourist resorts, that’s partly due to its reputation in the 1970s. Nowadays, Spain has a lot worse (or better, depending on your point of view), so you shouldn’t be put off by the name. The easiest airport is Alicante, which is just a short bus ride away.

Once there, the venue is the Ciudad Deportiva Guillermo Amor, the sports centre named after the footballer born in the city, most famous for his three appearances for Livingstone FC in Scotland, but who also turned out for FC Barcelona, Fiorentina and Villarreal. It’s within easy walking distance of the town centre and has two main stages plus minor side-venues as well.

The comparison to no frills flights rings very true with the accommodation. While most festivals offer camping for free, at Low Cost, naturally, you pay extra for the privilege. To the best of our knowledge, you won’t be charged extra if your bag weights more than 10 kg, but don’t be surprised if you are.


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