Laura Pausini

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Nationality: Italian

Genre: Latin pop and soul


This Italian singer-songwriter burst onto the scene in 1993 with a mega-hit in her native Italy, La Solitudine, and already well on the way to establishing herself as a major international artist crooning away in her native tongue, in 1994 she started recording in Spanish too. Her self-titled album became the first ever non-native Spanish language record to sell a million in Spain. In fact, with more than 35 million album sales around the world, she’s probably now much bigger in the Spanish speaking world than she is in her native Italy.

Further success followed, including the first ever Grammy for a female Italian in 2006 for her album Escucha – and she’s become one of the most successful non-English language solo artists of all time. She’s collaborated with such names as Michael Jackson, Michael Bublé and Ray Charles, and British readers would at least know her from the great little song she did with James Blunt, Primavera in Anticipo, if it had actually been released in the UK. But it wasn’t. Disgrace. One of the most belting ‘aahhh’ chorus wails ever from our Laura. Made number one in Austria though. They appreciate decent yodelling in the Alps, you see.

Her eleventh studio album, Inedito, was released in both Italian and Spanish in November 2011, and after touring Italy and Latin America, she’s in Spain as she takes in the rest of Europe. And it’s quite some show she’s bringing with her, described as the most extravagant ever by an Italian artist, designed in collaboration with British architect Mark Fisher, who has worked in the past for the likes of Pink Floyd, U2 and the Cirque du Soleil.  The stage constantly changes as the show progresses, starting with a golden effect  progressing into a red for passion and then tangenting off in all kinds of bizarre directions to take the Italian diva into the same realms of the most aggressive stadium rocks gigs ever, with video effects, a 3D moon and stars thingy, choreographies put together by the world famous Nikos Lagousakos and surprises galore. With over 30 songs and a number of medleys, there’s a lot to enjoy.

Did you know: In 2006, Laura was made a Commander Order of Merit of the Italian Republic, the fourth highest civil honour in Italy.



Friday April 20, 2012 Madrid Palacio de los Deportes

Saturday April 21, 2012 Barcelona Palau Sant Jordi


1. Bienvenido

2.  Yo Canto

3.  Escucha Atento

4.  Con La Música En La Radio

5.  Bastaba

6.  Emergencia De Amor

7.  Hace Tiempo

8.  Tu Nombre En Mayúsculas

9.  Menos Mal

10.  Me Quedo

11.  El Valor Que No Se Ve

12.  Surrender

13.  Bellísimo Así

14.  A Simple Vista

15.  Volveré Junto a Ti

16.  Inolvidable

17.  Amores Extraños

18.  La Soledad

19.  Inédito

20.  Primavera Anticipada (It Is My Song)

21.  Como Si No Nos Hubiéramos Amado

22.  Dispárame, Dispara

23.  Se Fue

24.  Así Celeste

25.  La Geografía De Mi Camino

26.  Quién Lo Sabrá

27.  Gente

28.  Víveme

29.  Entre Tú y Mil Mares

30.  En Cambio No

Encore:  31.  Y Mi Banda Toca El Rock / Conga

32.  Jamás Abandoné

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