Outrageously underrated

Nationality: US

Genre: Alternative country


If the idea of alternative country music tinkles your wishbone, then we might just have the thing for you. The former Posterchild are from Nashville, Tennessee, which is about as American as you could wish for.

Essentially frontman Kurt Wagner and a varying ensemble of musicians, Lambchop, who we assume have no connection with the socket-puppet of the same name that graced US television in the black-and-white era, have progressed from the same old country sound of their peers to fuse it with soul, lounge music and rockier sounds – or as their label Merge Records puts it, Nashville’s “most f*cked-up country band.”

They’re here promoting their newly released studio album Mr. M, described as “a collection of meditations on love and loss and the detritus of everyday existence.” The same words that could probably be used to describe just about any album to have ever existed, although this one has the distinction of those meditations being in the language of alternative country. And in our opinion, any alternative to country is a good one.

Personally, I’d say that Lambchop aren’t even slightly alternative country. They’re not country at all. They just happen to be from Nashville, which means instant comparison to a genre which clearly is not theirs. They’re basically a modern Cat Stevens. Kurt even gargles phlegm in his throat in the same way – it’s the same voice, the same style, the same brilliance. The exact same mixture of manic depression with sudden orchestrated moments of positivism, which make you think, hey, I think this might turn out OK after all.

Pop their name in Spotify, have a whizz at them on Youtube, and discover the far too overlooked genius of one the most original, witty and downright listenable acts to come out of America for years. There have been rumours lately that Lambchop were going to split up, with Wagner increasingly more focused on what is turning out to be a very successful alternative career as a painter, and he’s been saying that perhaps music is no longer the medium through which he feels he can best communicate his thoughts. Art’s gain would be music’s loss…

Did you know: The Lamb Chop puppet mentioned her friend named Lolly Pincus in every show, although said friend never appeared on screen once.


Friday March 30, 2012 Barcelona Sala Apolo

Saturday March 31, 2012 Bilbao Espacio BKK

Sunday March 4, 2012 Madrid Joy Eslava


1.  Intro (Give It)

2.  If Not I’ll Just Die

3.  B2B

4.  The Good Life (Is Wasted)

5.  Gone Tomorrow

6.  Betty’s Overture

7.  Buttons

8.  Mr. Met

9.  Kind Of

10.  Nice Without Mercy

11.  Never My Love

12.  My Blue Wave

13.  Soaky In The Pooper

14.  Bon Soir, Bon Soir

15.  Theöne

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