La Oreja de Van Gogh

Not missing Amaia one bit


Nationality: Spain

Genre: Pop


We are talking about something absolutely massive as far as Spain is concerned here. Basically the biggest thing in pop music ever since their debut album, Dile al Sol hit number one in 1998 and spawned massive hits in El 38, Soñare and Cuéntame al Oído. Two years later they were back with yet more poppy joy and tearful ballads in the form of El Viaje de Copperpot, which produced number one singles in all of Cuídate, París and la Playa.

Spain just couldn’t get enough of them. Two more albums followed, and each of those also produced three number one singles, and wherever they went in the Spanish speaking world, they were greeted with hordes of worshipping fans. Spanish people know the words to ‘Van Gogh’s Ear’ songs in much the same way as Irish people know the words to U2.

Then in 2007, disaster almost struck. Lead singer Amaia Montero decided she was going to leave the band to concentrate on a solo career. And what a solo career she’s had – replicating the same success that she had with her previous band, and about to go on a Spanish tour of her own this year.

Taking Amaia out of LODVG would be like taking Mick Jagger out of The Rolling Stones. But they carried on, bringing in another native of San Sebastian, Leire Martínez, who’d impressed on the Factor X talent show on Cuatro, as a replacement. Her voice is remarkably similar to that of her predecessor, if anything she has just as much charisma, and the fans have carried on buying the records as if nothing had changed. Two more number one albums, four more number one singles, and they even released a greatest hits compilation Nuestra Casa a la Izquierda del Tiempo, for which all their previous classics were re-recorded with Leire’s voice.

Whether the new singer’s presence has anything to do with it is not certain, but there’s a more serious mood to the newer material, which has moved from innocent eighties-style romantic pop to touch on such issues as drugs and the Madrid bombings.

This Cometas Por el Cielo tour is the third with Leire on vocals. It started in October 2011 and will end next May, and as well as dates all over Spain also takes them to the UK and USA, and ends with appearances in a number of Latin American countries, including Panama and Ecuador. Great news if you happen to be a fan, by the way: some of the concerts are free.

Did you know: Although Leire Martinez was spotted on the Factor X show, she didn’t actually win the series. That honour went to María Villalón.


Friday March 16, 2012 Valencia Ciudad de las artes y las ciencias FREE CONCERT

Friday March 23, 2012 Salamanca Multiusos Sánchez Paraíso

Saturday March 24, 2012 Madrid Palacio de los Deportes

Friday April 20, 2012 Caceres Palacio de Congresos

Saturday April 21, 2012 Eibar Frontón Astelena

Sunday April 22, 2012 Zaragoza (Tauste) Tauste FREE CONCERT

Friday May 11, 2012 Madrid Riviera



2.Día cero

3.Esta vez no digas nada


5.Promesas de primavera

6.20 de Enero

7.Las noches que no mueren

8.Muñeca de Trapo


10.El tiempo a solas

11.Paloma blanca



14.Europa VII

15.Vestido Azul


17.Mi calle es Nueva York

18.Dile al Sol


20.Dos copos de nieve

21.La playa

22.El último vals

23.Dulce Locura

24.La niña que llora en tus fiestas

25.Puedes contar Conmigo


27.Cometas por el Cielo

28.El 28


  1. My name is Joe, I’m an English speaking American who LOVES this band. I discovered them when I found a homemade CD copulation on the ground in the parking lot of Raleigh North Carolina’s airport. More than a few tracks are scratched and I can’t listen to the whole song but it was clear to me that this band was something special. Each song moves me and many make me listen many times over before I’m able to move on to the next, which, based on how great it is, I replay a dozen times before listening to the one after that. This band is one of my favorite “finds” that my life has provided me the joy of discovery.

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