Leicester tigers


Nationality: UK

Genre: Indie rock


Kasabian should always get a warm welcome in Spain. After all, this is the band that won them the World Cup. Both Fernando Torres and Andrés Iniesta are huge fans, and it was Kasabian’s music, and especially Club Foot, that was played in the dressing room as inspiration before matches at South Africa 2012. Not that it did El Niño too much good, but the latter, scorer of the winner against Holland, said afterwards that “They can come and stay at my house so I can show them my World Cup medal and we can have a couple of beers round my pool. Greatest band in the world, on behalf of Spain, I want to say thank you. Not just thank you, we love you!”

The football world just loves Kasabian. From Club Foot being used for Sky Sports coverage of the Premier League, and as an entrance song at Arsenal and Aston Villa, to Fire being the official song of the Premier League, Switchblade Smiles being used as a theme on  Match of the Day 2, and Re-wired being used for half-time highlights on Sky Sports, as well as the band’s tracks almost always featuring on PES and FIFA games, there’s no getting away from them.

Not that you’d want to. It’s not just footy folk who’ve been impressed by the Leicestershire lads. Having already had four Top 20 hits off their self-titled debut album, 2006’s Empire sealed their place at the forefront of Bitpop’s newest generation, and NME named them the Best Live Act of 2007.

West Ryder Pauper Lunatic Asylum in 2009 didn’t show any signs of floundering. Quite the opposite. NME and Q both made it their album of the year, and Kasabian also got a MOJO Song of the Year award for Fire and took the coveted Best British Band title at the BRITs.

Last year they were back with more, Velociraptor, an album that shows that Sergio Pizzorno is far from suffering from writer’s block with what he claims is the band’s very own OK Computer. Their third straight number one album in the UK continues to flirt between typical indie sounds, electronic and psychadelia. Stand-out numbers include Days Are Forgotten, La Fée Verte (The Green Fairy), Switchblade Smiles, Re-Wired, Goodbye Kiss … sod it, they’re all stand out numbers. Everything Andrés Iniesta said about this band is damned right. And to top it off, they’re also fantastic live. You just can’t fault them.

In the past they were compared to The Stone Roses, Primal Scream and Oasis. If it hasn’t happened already, The Stone Roses, Primal Scream and Oasis will ultimately be compared to Kasabian.

But their physical presence in Spain has been a tad low-profile over the last five years, with appearances limited to festivals (Benicàssim 2010, DCODE in Madrid 2011 and BBK in Bilbao 2011). And although Low Cost this year is another festival, Ibiza Rocks (where they appeared twice before in 2005 and 2007) is not in the strictest sense. And they’ll also be at Mallorca Rocks the day before, so fans have the possibility of back-to-back Kasabian nights on both islands. There are few better ways to island hop.

Did you know: Sergio Pizzorno, like the rest of the band, supports Leicester City. Speaking to Four Four Two he once said “There’s no doubt about it, supporting a crap football team helps make decent music. Look, on one side you’ve got Led Zeppelin and Wolves, Oasis and Man City and Kasabian and Leicester. And on the other, there’s Depeche Mode and Chelsea, Spandau Ballet and Arsenal and Mick Hucknall and Man United.”


Tuesday July 10, 2012 Magaluf Mallorca Rocks Hotel

Wednesday July 11, 2012 San Antonio Ibiza Rocks Hotel

Friday July 27 to Sunday July 29, 2012 Benidorm Low Cost Festival


1.  Days Are Forgotten

2.  Shoot the Runner

3.  Velociraptor!

4.  Underdog

5.  Where Did All the Love Go?

6.  I.D.

7.  Take Aim

8.  Club Foot

9.  Re‐Wired

10.  Empire

11.  Man of Simple Pleasures

12.  Stuntman

13.  L.S.F. (Lost Souls Forever)

Encore:  14.  Switchblade Smiles

15.  Vlad the Impaler

16.  Fire


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