Kaiser Chiefs

Every day we love them more and more


Nationality: UK

Genre: Indie rock


Stick Kaiser Chiefs in Google and the first link that comes up is Kaiser Chiefs FC. And that feels right. After all the South African football club did come first, the band adopting the name because it sounded cool and shared a link with the team they all supported, Leeds United, through Lucas Radebe.

They’re familiar faces in Spain, and every year you can expect to see their happy little faces popping at one the festivals singing Modern Way, Ruby, I Predict a Riot, and the opening track to their first album, and what a way to start, Every Day I Love You Less and Less. Last year it was Bilbao BBK that had the honour of welcoming Leeds’ finest. This year it’s Arenal Sound, while they are also appearing as part of the Mallorca Rocks and Ibiza Rocks series of concerts in the Balearic Islands.

Their fourth studio album, The Future Is Medieval (or Start The Revolution Without Me in America) came out last year after a three-year wait. A funny one it was and all – with twenty tracks to choose from, and you could pick ten and even do your album cover. Great gimmick, I’m sure, but most of us grew out of that sort of thing when we left primary school.

Did you know: Thank You Very Much, Never Miss A Beat and Ruby appeared on Pro Evolution Soccer from 2008 to 2010 respectively. Which is more than we can say for Leeds United.


Tuesday June 26, 2012 Magaluf Mallorca Rocks Hotel

Wednesday June 27, 2012 San Antonio Ibiza Rocks Hotel, San Antonio

Friday August 3, 2012 Burriana Arenal Sound Festival


1.  Everyday I Love You Less and Less

2.  Never Miss A Beat

3.  Little Shocks

4.  Everything Is Average Nowadays

5.  Good Days Bad Days

6.  Modern Way

7.  On The Run

8.  Ruby

9.  The Angry Mob

10.  Na Na Na Na Naa

11.  Starts With Nothing

12.  I Predict a Riot

13.  Kinda Girl You Are

14.  Take My Temperature

15.  Listen To Your Head

Encore:  16.  Love’s Not a Competition (But I’m Winning)

17.  Oh My God


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