Judas Priest

Heavy metal legends going out with a bang


Nationality: UK

Genre: Hard rock


Rock legends Judas Priest, the boys from Brum who are credited with introducing the leather jacket to heavy metal, are in España. Having sold 50 million albums worldwide and especially famed for penning two of the biggest rock anthems out there, Breaking The Law and Living After Midnight, it’s surprising that they had been around for over a decade before they finally gained the recognition they deserved in the eighties.

From under-recognition you could perhaps argue that they now get over-recognised, for many might argue that MTV were going a bit far when they named them the 2nd greatest metal band of all time after Black Sabbath. Er… AC/DC?

One of the concerns when bands like this appear is how many of the original members are actually still there, and Judas Priest pass the test reasonably well. Bassist Ian Hill has been there since the start, lead guitarist Glenn Tipton has been with them since 1974 and best of all, lead singer Rob Halford is back. That means only drummer Scott Travis and rhythm guitarist Richie Faulker (a late replacement for KK Downing on this tour) weren’t there for the JP heyday.

They’ve not released any new material since Nostradamus in 2008, but have something in the pipeline for 2012, and they’re here on the massive Epitaph World Tour, including 120 gigs and counting, 63 of which are in Europe, and four here in Spain (after they came here last year in the magnificent company of Motörhead and Saxon). According to Tipton, “the show looks great, bikes, lasers, flames you name it we’ve got it … the set list contains all the old favorites combined with songs we haven’t played before live, such as “Blood Red Skies” and “Never Satisfied” and also earlier songs including “Starbreaker” and “Night Crawler”.

They’re being supported by two German acts, Blind Guardian and Udo Dirkschneider’s U.D.O.

Did you know: This is being billed as their farewell tour. Said Halford “I think it’s time, you know … I think the main thing that we just want to ask everybody to consider is don’t be sad about this, start celebrating and rejoicing over all the great things we’ve done in Judas Priest.”



Tuesday May 15, 2012 Madrid Palacio Vistalegre GET TICKETS HERE

Wednesday May 16, 2012 Barcelona Sant Jordi Club GET TICKETS HERE

Friday May 18, 2012 Sevilla Arena GET TICKETS HERE (For some reason the link says Almeria … that’s wrong, it’s definitely in Sevilla)

Sunday May 20, 2012 San Sebastian Velodromo


1.”Rapid Fire”

2.”Metal Gods”

3.”Heading Out to the Highway”

4.”Judas Rising”


6.”Victim of Changes”

7.”Never Satisfied”

8.”Diamonds and Rust” (acoustic to heavy version)


10.”Night Crawler”

11.”Turbo Lover”

12.”Beyond the Realms of Death”

13.”The Sentinel”

14.”Blood Red Skies”

15.”The Green Manalishi (With the Two-Pronged Crown)”

16.”Breaking the Law”


18.”The Hellion”/”Electric Eye”

19.”Hell Bent for Leather”

20.”You’ve Got Another Thing Comin'”

21.”Living After Midnight”

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