James Morrison

Not to be confused with James Morrison, bishop of the Diocese of Antigonish, Nova Scotia  (1861–1950)


Nationality: UK

Genre: Pop, soul


Not content with giving the world one of its greatest sports, the town of Rugby in Warwickshire threw in James Morrison as well. And it’s nice to see somebody made it big the hard way, coming from a troubled family and touring the country with his geetar, busking and grabbing gigs wherever he could before finally being signed up by Polydor after being spotted in an Irish pub in Derby.

He’s never had to look back. In 2006, his crooning on You Give Me Something went down a storm, as did the follow-up album Undiscovered, some even hailing the lad as the white Stevie Wonder, one of his biggest influences and whose voice he clearly likes to imitate, while much of his style is also reminiscent of voices like Otis Redding or Marvin Gaye.

He’s gone to have further smashes with the likes of I Won’t Let You Go, You Make It Real, and Broken Strings, the latter featuring Nelly Furtado … generally the same old, rambling ballads about love that some people never seem to tire of listening to.

He too was aware of that, and in 2010 he said of his third studio album, The Awakening, that “I’ve sung too many love ballads. I want to go a bit deeper than that and find more substance.” Much of the album focuses on the recent loss of his alcoholic father, but in all honesty, otherwise it’s pretty much the same Morrison sound as ever. But it went straight to the top of the UK charts, so there are obviously a lot of people out there that want more of the same old dross, but James has been though some tough times of late, and so it’s nice to know that tickets for both his gigs in Spain are very hot property indeed.

Did you know: Morrison attributes his distinctive voice to a severe bout of whooping cough that nearly killed him when he was a baby.


Saturday March 24, 2012 Barcelona Sala Razzmatazz

Sunday March 25, 2012 Madrid Riviera


1.   Beautiful Life

2.  This Boy

3.  In My Dreams

4.  Say Something Now

5.  I Won’t Let You Go

6.  Up

7.  Right By Your Side

8.  Broken Strings

9.  All Around The World

10.  Slave To The Music

11.  Nothing Ever Hurt Like You / I’m A Man

12.  One Life

13.  Precious Love

14.  You Give Me Something

Encore:  15.  The Awakening

16.  Under The Influence

17.  Wonderful World

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