Iggy and The Stooges

Power as raw as ever

Nationality: US

Genre: Punk rock


Iggy Pop is the archetypal guy who’s been in the music industry too long for most of us to really know what he stands for or where he came from. We’re too young to remember the impact he and The Stooges had in the late sixties, when they anticipated the punk explosion by a good ten years. Iggy did it all – cutting himself with glass, vomiting onstage and even inventing the stage-dive and crowd-surf. That’s something a man of his age should have stopped doing many years ago. But old habits die hard – late last year he was forced to cancel a series of shows after fracturing metatarsal bones following a dive in Romania. It’s not just footballers that suffer from these things.

Iggy touted controversy wherever he went, but also produced a raw, infectious sound that coupled with his outrageous stage persona made him one of the most respected blokes in the business. His band The Stooges disappeared in 1974 – and despite never becoming ‘mainstream famous’ their impact on the underground punk scene would be felt for years to some. In the meantime, and particularly due to he and David Bowie’s mutual influence and respect, Iggy Pop was never far from the public eye, and enjoyed rare commercial success of his own with such hits as Real Wild Child, Nightclubbing, The Passenger,  Candy (a duet with Kate Pierson of The B-52s) and Lust for Life, which found him a whole new audience as a result of its inclusion in the movie Trainspotting.

Roll on 2003, and the original Stooges reunited, and spent the best part of the decade touring, and also released some new material up until 2009, when guitarist Ron Asheton died of a heart attack. James Williamson, another former Stooge but now a senior computer engineer at Sony, was persuaded to return to the rock n’ roll lifestyle after 35 years in inactivity. Effectively, The Stooges died along with Asheton, and this new version is being branded Iggy and The Stooges, and the setlist is very much biased, and quite rightly so, towards the Williamson era and especially 1973′s proto-punk classic Raw Power, originally produced by Bowie but remixed by Iggy in 1997, rather than the self-titled album and follow-up Fun House.

And Iggy still doesn’t appear to have bought a shirt.

Did you know: Madonna, also from Michigan, got Iggy and The Stooges to play at her induction to the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame in 2008 in protest at how the band has not been accepted despite six nominations. Two years later, The Stooges were finally inducted.


Friday May 18 or Saturday May 19, 2012 Sevilla Territorios Sevilla Festival

Thursday May 24, 2012 Tenerife Rock Coast Festival

Friday July 6 or Saturday July 7, 2012 Barcelona Festival Cruïlla


1.  Raw Power

2.  Search and Destroy

3.  Gimme Danger

4.  Your Pretty Face Is Going to Hell

5.  Shake Appeal

6.  I Need Somebody

7.  1970

8.  Fun House

9.  L.A. Blues

10.  Night Theme

11.  Beyond the Law

12.  I Got a Right

13.  I Wanna Be Your Dog

14.  Open Up and Bleed

Encore:  15.  Penetration

16.  No Fun

17.  Cock in My Pocket

18.  Death Trip

19.  Johanna

20.  Kill City

21.  Louie Louie


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