Ibiza Rocks

Ibiza Rocks was created in 2005 as a programme of weekly live concerts on the Balearic island. It was initially met with some scepticism. After all, Ibiza is the capital of club and DJ culture – all they want is electronically manufactured dance music and some chemicals to help wash it down. What interest do these people have in watching people that can actually play an instrument and sing without needing their voices to first be subject to a week of digital synthesising to make it sound even remotely tuneful?

But as promoter Andy Mckay said in 2006, “a lot of people were sceptical when we launched Ibiza Rocks last year, but now it couldn’t be more different! We recognised the sheer thirst for live music in Ibiza and we were the first to introduce band culture into club culture. Hardened clubbers may criticise us for re-introducing the guitar to the island, but we genuinely feel that we are helping ensure the future of the clubs in Ibiza.”

The venue used to be Bar M before the franchise purchased its very own Ibiza Rocks Hotel in 2008, and acts that have appeared over the years include Arctic Monkeys, The Prodigy, Dizzee Rascal, The Kooks, The Specials, Biffy Clyro, Florence and the Machine, Keane, Kaiser Chiefs, Ian Brown, Madness, Fatboy Slim and The Streets.

In 2010 a sister event, Mallorca Rocks, was created on the neighbouring island. Apparently it makes more logistical sense for bands to play Tuesday in Mallorca and then appear in Ibiza the day after.


Capacity: 1,500

Address: Ibiza Rocks Hotel, C/ Estrella  07820 Sant Antoni de Portmany

The event takes place in the central plaza of the Ibiza Rocks Hotel itself, which is right in the heart of one of the world capitals of club culture, San Antonio, a few moments walk from the world famous Sunset Strip and West End. It’s about 25 km from Ibiza airport, and the hotel runs shuttle transfers from there for €20, or otherwise you can just take the regular bus to San Antonio (which is probably cheaper and probably no more or less complicated).

The hotel itself has got all the mod cons you’d need and more, and what most concert-goers do is combine the show with a few days staying at the hotel itself, but that’s by no means an obligation – concert tickets can of course be purchased separately.

The venue is not massive, but how often have you been able to watch a top gig from the comfort of a swimming pool?

The whole thing comes with a package of other events that may or may not be to your taste – the Aftershow Party, the We Are Rockstars DJ session.


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