Ibiza 123

San Antonio makes impressive debut


Just a few weeks after Tenerife released details of Rock Coast, it’s attempt to get in on the festival act, than Spain’s party island par excellence, Ibiza, announced the first names on its own festival, Ibiza 123, which in 2012 is also launching its first ever edition. How many more music festivals can this country possibly squeeze in, and what was that about eggs, geese and laying?

But with Sting, Elton John, David Guetta, Lenny Kravitz, Fatboy Slim and M83 perhaps just for starters, it looks like Ibiza are taking this seriously. One doubts musical criteria will matter too much – just get names, the bigger the better, and watch those euros fly into the till. “A 3 day event that will blow this island apart” promise the promoters – let’s hope not literally for sake of the Ibizencos.

We’re told there will be three concert areas, a beach area, a chill out area, hippy market, restaurants, shops, you know all that bollocks… But when Ibiza does these things, it tends to do them well, and they it’s all going to be broadcast to the world on the telly. The battle of the festivals over the next few months is going to great fun to watch…



Sunday July 1 to Tuesday July 3, 2012

Sting, Elton John, David Guetta, Lenny Kravitz, Luciano, Fatboy Slim, M83, Tiesto, Pete Tong, Axwell, Wally Lopez, 2manyDJs, Pnau


Capacity: 20,000

Address: Carrer de Vara del Rey / Carrer del Lepant, Sant Antoni de Portmany

The exact location is Sant Antoni de Portmany, or ‘San An-toe-ni-owe’, as most people would know it better – once a delightful little fishing village on the west coast of Ibiza, but now the clubbing capital of the world, with Eden and Es Paradis in particular being about as good as life could possibly get for the thousands of Brits that flock there like Muslims to Mecca every summer.

If you know Ibiza, then you’ll know the Sunset Strip, home to Café del Mar, the bar famous for its chill-out compilations, and you’ll also know Café Mambo. How could you not, this is where the likes of Carl Cox, Swedish House Mafia, Pete Tong and David Guetta DJ on a regular basis (the latter two are appearing in the festival) and where BBC Radio 1 records its Weekends in Ibiza.

While enjoying one of the most amazing nightspots in the world, and staring at the stunning sunset, your mind may at some point have started drifting away and thinking about that massive area of wasteland beyond Café Mambo that doesn’t serve any particular purpose other than a place for those who’ve taken the night one step too far to sneak off and puke? You had probably never thought that it would make a great place for setting up a stage and hosting a music festival. Other people did, and that’s the place where Ibiza 123 will be happening.


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