Guns N’ Roses

The personnel has been slashed, but the songs are as good as ever

Nationality: US

Genre: Hard rock


As this website makes it plain to see, what with tours and festivals, there are zonkloads of bands playing in Spain this year. But in this humble opinion, most of them don’t even come up to the knees of this one. Guns N’Roses. This year they are appearing at the new Costa de Fuego rock festival in Benicàssim, and are also doing a show in Real Mallorca’s football stadium (supported by The Cult, no less). The organisers reckon there will be 9,000 foreigners flying to Mallorca especially to see the legendary band. The legendary band? Well, sort of… let’s explain.

See, there’s always that sense of being short-changed. After all, Axl might be there, but we all know this isn’t the ‘real’ G N’R. Slash is of course the most missed of all, and rightly so. It’s never been the same without him. Frank Ferner is just one of many drummers that have been and gone. Tommy Stison is all well and good on bass, but he ain’t Duff McKagan, neither is Richard Fortus quite Izzy Stradlin … the band are as good as ever, but it just isn’t the same guys that blew us apart with Sweet Child o’ Mine, Used to Love Her, Don’ Cry, Civil War, Estranged, Paradise City and possibly the greatest song ever written. I’m talking about November Rain. Not probably, but certainly possibly.

They know these things at the Rock and Rock Hall of Fame, which has offered to induct Guns N’Roses. But by that they mean the ‘original’ Guns N’Roses, not this newfangled version. That could prove tricky. As Slash put it, “I have no idea how that’s supposed to go. If Axl, Duff, Izzy and myself start communicating, it could go one way. It we don’t, God knows.”

It’s ten years since Axl made his famous speech at Rock in Rio. “I know that many of you are disappointed that some of the people you came to know and love could not be with us here today” he said. “Regardless of what you have heard or read, people worked very hard (meaning my former friends) to do everything they could so that I could not be here today. I am as hurt and disappointed as you that unlike Oasis, we could not find a way to all get along.”

Well, turns he wasn’t quite so right about Oasis.

And so Axl has muscled on in new company, taking the G N’R name with him, and only producing one album, Chinese Democracy, in all that time. But they’re still a massive pull for a brand new festival like Costa de Fuego. And so what if the band members aren’t quite the same as before? You still get to hear old Guns N’Roses classics like Knockin’ on Heaven’s Door and Live and let Die. What, they weren’t originally by Guns N’ Roses? My point precisely…

And what’s so civil about war anyway?

Did you know: In 2006, Kerrang! named Appetite for Destruction the best rock album ever. They were wrong. Use Your Illusion I+II is/are even better.


Friday July 20 and Saturday July 21, 2012 Benicàssim Costa de Fuego Festival

Sunday July 22, 2012 Palma de Mallorca Son Moix Stadium


1.  Chinese Democracy

2.  Welcome to the Jungle

3.  It’s So Easy

4.  Mr. Brownstone

5.  Sorry

6.  Rocket Queen

7.  You’re Crazy

8.  Estranged

9.  Shackler’s Revenge

10.  Live and Let Die

11.  This I Love

12.  Used to Love Her

13.  Motivation

14.  Street of Dreams

15.  You Could Be Mine

16.  Sweet Child O’ Mine

17.  November Rain

18.  Don’t Cry

19.  Whole Lotta Rosie

20.  Civil War

21.  Knockin’ On Heaven’s Door

22.  Nightrain

23.  Better

24.  Patience

25.  Paradise City


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