Franz Ferdinand

What idiots say these guys aren’t welcome?

Nationality: UK

Genre: Indie rock


There’s something strangely wrong about the man whose death was the catalyst for one of the most devastating wars in human history to no longer be as famous as a Scottish band that borrowed his name. In particular Do You Want To, Matinee and Take Me Out, but a lot of other songs too, have made Franz Ferdinand one of the bands of the ‘naughties’ – and Spain is a country where they have proved especially popular.

Their self-titled debut album was enough to win them Best Group at the 2006 Brit Awards, and the follow-up, although less bestowed with awards, was possibly even better. Album number three, Tonight: Franz Ferdinand, showed they still have it in them, but although there’s been talk since 2010 of another set of tunes, nothing has materialised yet.

Apparently they band is plotting a major comeback this year, so we’ll have to wait and see what that entails. For the time being it seems like FF are dedicating their live efforts only to festivals, the first of which they announced was this return to Primavera Sound, where you’d assume they’d very welcome indeed.

However, the early announcement that they were to be headlining was actually met with considerable dismay on the event’s Facebook page, as fans had apparently been expecting something better. Others were concerned that such a commercial act went against what Primavera stands for. “What next, Shakira?” somebody asked, fearing that the festival is heading the same way as Benicàssim.

The real reason for the upset, however, is that there are too many pompous, pretentious assholes out there. Franz Ferdinand? Bring ‘em on. So what if they’re popular? They also happen to be extremely good and I’m sure most Primavera punters are more than happy they’re coming. To be perfectly honest, wouldn’t particularly object to Shakira singing a ditty or two either.

Did you know: Although the song Ulysses was a relative flop in the UK, it made number two in Spain.


Thursday May 31, 2012 Barcelona Primavera Sound


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