Amy Lee is what we want

Nationality: US

Genre: Rock


Evanescence went down a storm when they first appeared in the major public eye in 2004. The album Fallen became only the eighth to manage to stay a whole year in the Billboard Hot 100, and they won the Grammy for best new artist. America fell in love with the melodramatic symphonic Meatloaf-like sound at a time when the idea of having a woman sing heavy metal was still unfamiliar to many. The effect was mesmerising. They loved ’em in Spain too. Here the album sold 200,000 copies and topped the charts for six weeks, and no rock act has managed to sell more DVDs than they have in this country.

Bring Me to Life, Going Under, My Immortal and Everybody’s Fool were all massive hits, and so was Amy Lee, who Kerrang named the sexiest lady alive. Three years later, and the follow-up album, The Open Door, was also a massive commercial and critical success, although by now the Evanescence sound was more familiar and it’s hard to tell much difference in style between the two albums.

The band has undergone several changes of personnel over the years, but Amy is still there, and that’s what matters most. They finally got round to releasing their third album, simply called Evanescence, in October of last year. It’s probably their best record yet, and all the extra knobs and bells, and particularly the electronic elements, make it even more ‘epic’ than ever. But even so, unlike when Fallen came out, and we all went ‘bloody hell, this is new’, there is now a niggling sensation that they’re just churning out the same old up-tempo power ballads as ever.

Well let the critics moan. As far as me and millions of other Evanescence fans are concerned, all we wanted was more of the same and we got it – and My Heart Is Broken is probably the best thing they have ever written.

On the tour, Amy said “we’re definitely focusing mainly on the new material. We’re really excited about that music the most — obviously it’s the newest — but of course we’ll be playing some from both of our other albums too. I guess I’d say in general, our show’s on the heavy-energy side, so we’ll be running around singing a lot of fast songs.” Despite the changes, the band is a strong as ever, and although she does miss the odd high note, Amy still has one of the finest pairs of lungs in the business. Sadly, there’s no standard tour date in Spain, Evanescence are limiting their presence to two festivals – Rock Coast in the Canaries and Sonisphere in Madrid.

Did you know: Amy Lee is one of those few birds in music that does next to nothing to flaunt her sex appeal. There’s very little raunchy about the way she dresses, and if you’ve never seen the video to Everybody’s Fool, then you should. If there was ever a better comment on the use of the female image in the media, then this is it. But however much she tries to downplay her sexuality, Amy still continues to top polls, and just last year Revolver Magazine named her #1 Hottest Chick in Hard Rock.


Thursday May 24, 2012 Santa Cruz de Tenerife Rock Coast Festival

Friday May 25 or Saturday May 26 Madrid Sonisphere Festival GET TICKETS HERE


1.  What You Want

2.  Going Under

3.  The Other Side

4.  Weight of the World

5.  The Change

6.  Made of Stone

7.  Lost in Paradise

8.  My Heart Is Broken

9.  Lithium

10.  Swimming Home

11.  Sick

12.  Oceans

13.  Call Me When You’re Sober

14.  Imaginary

15.  Bring Me to Life

Encore:  16.  Your Star

17.  My Immortal


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