Enrique Iglesias

And where the hell do you think you’ve been?

Nationality: Spanish

Genre: Latin pop


So who’s more famous, Enrique or his old man? Well, according to Wikipedia, Julio Iglesias has sold 100 million records worldwide, while Iglesias junior has only amassed 55 million sales. But on another page it says that Enrique has sold over 100 million records – the moral being that there are lies, there are damned lies, there are stats and there’s Wikipedia.

Right now, though, you’d have to go for Quique. Twenty-two number one hits on the Billboard Latin charts ain’t bad going, while he was probably the most successful of all the Latin acts that started crossing over into the Anglo Saxon market in the nineties. And he gets to sleep with Anna Kournikova.

But is he Spanish? Well, he is, although he hasn’t lived in this country since he was eleven. In 1986, his grandfather was kidnapped by ETA terrorists, and as result Julio and Isabel Preysler decided to move somewhere safer – opting for the obvious choice of Miami.

He hasn’t been back much. You’d have thought that he’d have treated fans in his own country to a few more concerts than he has done over the last twelve years. The One Night Stand World Tour in 2001 consisted of 50 shows in 16 countries. None in Spain. Hi 2003 tour was even bigger, taking him to such places as Australia, India, Egypt, Singapore and South Africa. Not Spain. For Insomniac, he was the first major western artist to appear in Syria, and as well as thoroughly exploring North and South America, he was all over Europe. Lithuania, Belfast, Ukraine, the lot. Any shows in his home country? Not one. He did come close. He performed Can You Hear Me at the final of Euro  2008, where Spain beat Germany.

And then it was announced earlier this year that Enrique is finally returning for this year’s Euphoria Tour. “I’m so happy to be going back to Spain after so many years!” he wrote on his website. He can’t be that happy, coz he’s only here for one night, in Madrid (having just done no fewer than seven in Mexico). There is indeed euphoria about the return of ‘Spain’s most international artist’, who seems to have been everywhere in the world over the last decade than the place he is supposedly from.

No doubt he’ll have plenty of ‘te quiero Españas’ prepared for his show, but let’s see if he can come up with a bloody good explanation for his absence.

Did you know: In 2002, Henry Churches won a Premio Onda for Most Successful Spanish Artist of the Decade. Spanish? My foot.


Friday May 4, 2012 Madrid Palacio de los Deportes


1.  Tonight (I’m Lovin’ You)

2.  Heartbeat

3.  Dirty Dancer

4.  Nunca Te Olvidaré

5.  No Me Digas Que No

6.  Ritmo Total

7.  Bailamos / Stand by me

8.  Por Amarte

9.  Experiencia Religiosa

10.  Lloro Por Tí

11.  Cuando Me Enamoro

12.  Estar contigo

13.  Dímelo

Encore:  14.  Hero

15.  Escape / I Gotta Feeling

16.  I Like It


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