Elton John

His gift is his songs and these ones are for you

Nationality: UK

Genre: Elton John type songs



Well, we don’t really need to explain who Reginald Dwight is, do we? Although obviously best known for his services to Watford FC, Mr John has also rolled out a ditty or two over the years. Candle in the Wind, the tribute to Lady Diana, was of course the biggest selling single ever, although for one of the most prolific songwriters in pop history to just rehash a song he’s originally written for Marilyn Monroe always seemed a bit of a cheap shot to me.

But we’ll let him off, because if there’s anybody who can pen a good power ballad, then that man’s Elton John. A few choice highlights of my own would be Your Song, famous of course for appearing in English File Book One (TEFL teachers will know what I mean), anything that was on The Lion King, Nikita because of the excellent eighties kitsch video, Don’t Let the Sun Go Down on Me because it’s just brilliant, Goodbye Yellow Brick Road because it’s also brilliant, Step into Christmas because it’s so typical of the crap chrimbo songs we have to put up with every year by artists that were otherwise very good, Sorry Seems to Be the Hardest Word because it’s also brilliant, and I’m Still Standing because it takes me back to the early eighties and the youth club disco where this was one of the selection of about twenty records that we had to listen to over and over again because there wasn’t any money left in the kitty to get anything by Frankie Goes to Hollywood.

What’s Elton up to these days? Well, he’s been working on a new album, his thirty-first studio effort, called The Diving Board, and which should be out later this year. At the same, he’s pretty much tied down with a residency at Caesars Palace in Las Vegas, where his Million Dollar Piano show is running for three years, but is taking some time out to jaunt around the world – popping by some strange places (the Chesterfield and Falkirk footy grounds?), and one of those is going to be Ibiza 123, the brand new Balearic festival that’s stunning us with the names it’s already managed to attract.

And of course, we all know about Elton John’s sexuality and the excellent work he has done for both gay rights and AIDS awareness, being a man who can speak from experience about both issues. And also, he’s a man who can laugh at himself, and respect to him for that. If you want to absolutely piss yourself laughing, check out his interview with Dafydd from Little Britain

Did you know: When Elton was told his Cocker Spaniel, Arthur, was not allowed to attend his civil-partnership ceremony with Davide Furnish, he responded by making the dog Best Man so that the pooch could attend.


Sunday July 1 to Tuesday July 3, 2012 San Antonio Ibiza 123 Festival GET IBIZA 123 TICKETS HERE


1.The Bitch Is Back

2.Bennie and the Jets

3.Rocket Man


5.Tiny Dancer

6.Your Song

7.Mona Lisas and Mad Hatters

8.Better Off Dead

9.Indian Sunset

10.Blue Eyes

11.Goodbye Yellow Brick Road

12.I Guess That’s Why They Call It the Blues

13.Philadelphia Freedom

14.Don’t Let the Sun Go Down on Me

15.Hey Ahab

16.I’m Still Standing

17.Crocodile Rock

18.Saturday Night’s Alright for Fighting

19.Circle of Life


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