David Guetta

Panic on the streets of Spain


Nationality: France

Genre: House DJ


We’ll get one thing straight from the start. This website doesn’t really deal with this kind of thing. This is a guide to live music, and whatever folk might say, David Guetta doesn’t really qualify. But he and people like him are featuring more and more at festivals, so we’re kind of by obligation forced to say a few words.

Once upon a time, record producers were the unsung heroes of the industry. OK, they made massive bucks, but other than Phil Spector and a few others, few fans really cared or noticed that there was more to most recordings than the musicians and singers that appeared in the pictures. Music was changing in the eighties, when it became evident that the Stock, Aitken and Watermans of this world were the real talents behind the manufactured products holding the microphone.

Would it get to the stage that the producers were more important than the artists themselves? It would. David Guetta is the prime example. And so we have massive hits of the ilk of When Love Takes Over (featuring Kelly Rowland), Sexy Bitch (featuring Akon), Gettin’ Over You (with Chris Willis featuring Fergie & LMFAO), Where Them Girls At (featuring Flo Rida & Nicki Minaj), Without You (featuring Usher), Little Bad Girl (featuring Taio Cruz & Ludacris)… the list goes on and on. I must admit, I didn’t think I knew any of those songs, but they were all instantly recognisable. Like it or not, this is the stuff you hear in almost every nightclub from Aarhus to Zaragoza – and the singers are only ‘featuring’. The important thing is that David Guetta was the producer.

Guetta is a master of the art. He’s the number one. But of course, it’s not him doing the singing. I’m not too sure if he does the writing either. Or whether he plays any of the instruments. He’s the guy who sort of puts it all together, mixes in the cool bits, and makes it into a dance record. But whatever he does, he obviously does it very well indeed. Just wish he’d leave bands like Coldplay alone with his silly dance remixes.

And he’s a massive pull. Basically, he’s regarded as the best DJ in the world – and his live shows are about as big as it gets in music these days. But is it live music? As far as I can see, the ‘live’ show simply involves Guetta standing on stage playing records and saying things like “tonight we’re going to party”, which invariably has the effect of driving the crowd beserk. Most of the time he’s holding his arms up in the air as if he thinks he’s Jesus, as in the picture on this page. The crowd again go wild. So distorted are their minds with chemical enhancements that they don’t seem to care that Mr Guetta isn’t actually doing anything – unless I’m wrong and he’s actually demonstrating his ability to twiddle buttons with his penis.

It’s all a bit bizarre really. No doubt the dance music is great, and the fans love every second of it. But wouldn’t you rather see some people up there playing instruments, singing and dancing? Apparently not. You want some bloke pressing buttons. Alas, this seems to be where ‘live music’ is heading – Rock in Rio in Madrid being a prime example. They’re struggling to sell tickets for the nights with proper rock bands – most people are far more interested in the chance to dance to David Guetta’s stuff. The music is far more important to them than whether it’s actually performed live or not.

Traditionalists may sneer – but does it matter what they may like or not? Morrissey may have wondered to himself whether life would ever be sane again, but his message means nothing to people who just want to be told when it’s time to paaaarty…

Did you know: Guetta has had number one singles in pretty much every major country in the world. But one country he hasn’t is Spain, where he’s never been any higher than number four.



Sunday July 1 to Tuesday July 3, 2012 San Antonio Ibiza 123 Festival GET TICKETS HERE

Friday July 6, 2012 Madrid Rock In Rio Festival GET TICKETS HERE

Thursday July 12  to Sunday July 15 Benicàssim International Festival GET TICKETS HERE


1.  Sweat

2.  Gettin’ Over You

3.  Love is Gone/Little Bad Girl

4.  Give Me Everything

5.  Antidote

6.  Titanium

7.  Paradise

8.  Rolling in the Deep

9.  Where Them Girls At

10.  Hello

11.  Run the World (Girls)

12.  Club Can’t Handle Me

13.  Levels

14.  Lunar/The World Is Mine

15.  When Love Takes Over/Moombah

16.  Sexy Bitch

17.  Memories

18.  Metrum

19.  Love Don’t Let Me Go

20.  Turn Me On

21.  Without You

22.  I Gotta Feeling


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