Brooke Fraser

She’s conquered New Zealand – now for the world…

Nationality: New Zealand

Genre: Folk rock


So who is Brooke Fraser? If you were from New Zealand you wouldn’t be asking that question. She’s as famous there as most of the All Blacks, having made it three number one albums out of three with her 2010 offering, Flags. She’d got married in the meantime, attributing the happier feel of the new collection by saying “I thought I was profound before, but perhaps I was just sexually frustrated.”

This has also been the first album by the Kiwi Norah Jones to get noticed up here in Europe, where the terrifically catchy country-pop single There’s Something in the Water made ripples in the Top 20 in such countries as Holland, Germany, Poland and Hungary.

She’s one talented lady, and if she can seduce the rest of the world in the same way that she’s seduced her own people, then it is unlikely that anybody would begrudge her that. She writes all her own stuff, plays piano and guitar, and has a terrific voice. So, if you like the soothing female easy-listening routine, then you’ll enjoy drifting along with this.

Some might argue that we’ve heard it all before and you occasionally wonder if she hasn’t accidentally played the same song twice in a row, they do sort of sound rather samey, but isn’t that the same for most artists of this ilk? If Brooke, a very devout Christian who has also penned several songs of worship, hadn’t been born so damned far away from it all, you can guarantee that she’d be a much, much bigger star than she is.

Did you know: This is her first official appearance in Spain, although she was in Barcelona last November to present her album, but the showcase she gave at Music Hall was for a private audience.


Sunday April 15, 2012 Madrid Caracol

Monday April 16, 2012 Barcelona Sala Bikini


1.  Orphans, Kingdoms

2.  Betty

3.  Jack Kerouac

4.  Sea Lion Woman

5.  Sailboats

6.  Flags

7.  Albertine

8.  Crows & Locusts

9.  Deciphering Me

10.  Here’s to You

11.  Something in the Water

Encore:  12.  Violet Hill

13.  Coachella

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