Blink 182

They’re back from the blink!


Nationality: US

Genre: Pop punk


Yet another American pop punk band with a lead singer who sounds exactly the same as all the others. In this case it’s bass guitarist Mark Hoppus, who is joined on vocals by guitarist Tom DeLonge, plus drummer Travis Barker. The band peaked in the late nineties with major hits in What’s My Age Again, Adam’s Song and one of the most recognisable anthems of the genre, All the Small Things (if you don’t think you know it, you will when you hear it), both off their multi-platinum selling Enema of the State album, which even led to them making a cameo in the teen comedy American Pie.

For a few years they were one of biggest bands in America, and further commercial success followed with Take Off Your Pants and Jacket in 2001, and their lively, humorous stage shows were just the thing to excite the teenage rebel / girlie pin-up market. Musically, it’s pretty much the same as all other bands in this genre – simple lyrics about the trials of simple American life, half sung and half wailed in that way young Americans like to sing because it sounds rebellious, with some loud guitar playing that occasionally threatens to break into a tuneful meolody. Kids love it. Stay Together For The Kids is a personal favourite of this writer, but sadly it doesn’t seem to be on the setlist of their latest tour.

It all came to an end in 2005, with the band splitting off into such new projects as Angels & Airwaves, Boxcar Racer and +44, but in 2008 Travis Barker was almost killed in a plane crash and DeLonge suffered a cerebral haemorrhage and was on life support. All this proved the impetus for the boys to mend their differences and reform in 2009. Saying “we used to play music together, and we decided we’re going to play music together again”, last September they unleashed their sixth studio album, Neighborhoods, and the first that they have entirely produced themselves. No doubt inspired by what’s happened to them over the last few years, it’s a much darker set of compositions than anything they have ever done before.

It made number 2 in the USA and number 6 in the UK, so it seems their return was a welcome one in many quarters, as were the singles Up All Night and After Midnight. It all took much longer than expected and as a result their 2011 European tour was cancelled, but they’re here now, hopefully with the decency to apologise for the delay.

They’re being supported by Oklahoma’s The All-American Rejects, who are hardly small fries themselves, having sold over 10 million albums worldwide and had Top 20 hits in the UK with all of Swing Swing, Dirty Little Secret and Gives You Hell. In Madrid, local band Everlyn have also been added to the lineup. Good news for any kids out there, the promoters of both shows are keen to point out that people of all ages are welcome.

Did you know: The band was originally just called Blink and added the 182 after they were threatened with legal action by an Irish pop rock band of the same name. Curiously, the Irish band later featured as a support act for Blink 182 on one of their US tours.



Thursday July 19, 2012 Barcelona Sant Jordi Club

Friday July 20, 2012 Madrid Palacio de los Deportes


1.  Feeling This

2.  Up All Night

3.  Happy Holidays, You Bastard

4.  The Rock Show

5.  What’s My Age Again?

6.  I Miss You

7.  Ghost on the Dancefloor

8.  Wishing Well

9.  Dumpweed

10.  After Midnight

11.  All the Small Things

12.  First Date

13.  I Won’t Be Home for Christmas

14.  Heart’s All Gone

15.  Josie

Encore:  16.  Dammit

17.  Family Reunion

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